Wiwi in Ireland

Venez suivre les anecdotes de ma vie en Irlande depuis Mars 2008. Arrivé ici un peu sur un coup de tête avec un vol allé simple en poche, j'ai été vite séduit et adopté par ce beau pays (abandonnant même mes projets de partir pour les USA) !


Maritime Festival

Brand new week end, brand new functions ! This week end it was the Maritime Festival ! As usual, there were a lot of activities very funny, like two "human-seagull", concerts, ... and food ! (there is a surprise in the album, something about grass... ^^). We were lucky, the weather is getting warmer and better these days ! Anyway, the tall ships were gorgeous !Enjoy the Maritime Festival's album here ! Talking about the weather, yesterday, I was at the beach (Portmarnock Beach on Google Maps), having a swim in a warm water...... [Lire la suite]
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St Patrick's Day !

March 17th is Holiday here ! Why ? Because it's St Patrick's Day of course !Well, I didn't take many pictures, but I took a lot of videos ! Then, just look at them !Oh and by the way, let me introduce to you Maria (on the right), who's Spanish, coming from Canaries, and Mitali (on the left...), who's Mauritian.Enjoy !  
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