Wiwi in Ireland

Venez suivre les anecdotes de ma vie en Irlande depuis Mars 2008. Arrivé ici un peu sur un coup de tête avec un vol allé simple en poche, j'ai été vite séduit et adopté par ce beau pays (abandonnant même mes projets de partir pour les USA) !


DIY accomplishments : Level 1 !

  Since we are planning to buy a property in a year time, I thought it was about time to get into the DIY thing... you know, that thing where you have to use your hands and a bit of elbow grease to accomplish marvellous things and build up your self estime...    What a coincidence (well not really), I had a little project to work on : one of our blinds fell... a year and a half ago !!Today, I finally took the initiative to go down to the shop, get some wall fixings and get at it. My partners in crime   First... [Lire la suite]
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