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Venez suivre les anecdotes de ma vie en Irlande depuis Mars 2008. Arrivé ici un peu sur un coup de tête avec un vol allé simple en poche, j'ai été vite séduit et adopté par ce beau pays (abandonnant même mes projets de partir pour les USA) !


Little anecdote...

P240408_11Hi everybody !
As the weather is getting better and in particular warmer, I had a walk today in the north of Dublin, because I didn't know this area. It's mostly a residential area actually, but it's pleasant and quite beautiful ! I posted to you some pictures I took. And while I was taking a photo of a Church, an old man began to talk with me about this church. Thus, I know that this church has been made in the 19th century, and that near this church there is the Grand Canal, where the swans like to go with their youngs, and that the grand-grand father of the man was a captain here in Dublin, ... P240408_13one second : what's the link with the church ? Well, as you can see, he began to tell me his life, his holydays in France, in Avignon (by the way, for him, "Sur le pont d'Avignon", it is THE French song ! lol) and so on...
Anyway, as the time went by, he invited me to take a beer in a pub at the corner. It was really a pleasant moment, talking with an old irish guy, who knows so many things ! He taught to me some words in Gaelic, like "babe ock" which means "babies" (the "ock" means "little, young"), and others words I can't remember now... wow, I really enjoyed this day !
P240408_13Except when I left the old man, with a "Dieu gets !" (which means "God look after you !"), the rain started to fall... again... it was so a shame because I wanted to have my lunch at the Phoenix park... But, as I begin to understand the Irish weather, I even went to the park, and like I expected, a short while later, the sun was shining again, and I enjoyed my lunch in front of the Wellington Monument ! Then, I had a think at my interview for tomorrow, before went back to my place passing by through the city center... and that's it ! Now I have to training myself again for tomorrow, so, see you !

P240408_15 P240408_15

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  • C'est cool, en lisant tes posts je vais pouvoir m'entraîner aux études de textes, mine de rien (bizzare cette expression) j'ai moins d'un mois pour préparer mes "peut-être" oraux...
    Et au fait, je ne sais pas si je te l'ai dit mais je vais passer un entretien pour faire une colo au Royaume Uni, avec un peu de chance je tomberai non loin de chez toi... je te tiens au courant !

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